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A Brief History

Dynamics Community Theater is an intergenerational volunteer program that originated in the Tallmadge City Schools.

In 1993, the Tallmadge Schools won a $500 seed grant from the state of Ohio to develop a program that would enable adults and students to interact. The arts, and drama in particular, provide a common ground for people of all ages. With this in mind, Dynamics became a reality.

The real measure of the success of Dynamics does not have a number or dollar sign. It begins when each new cast and crew assembles– young people sitting with their peers and adults off to the side. Drawn together by the roles they play, they begin to interact. Both students and adults learn and grow from the experience. By the time they’ve taken their final bows, they are like family! Inter-generational friendships made during productions continue.

More than 700 people from the ages of 3 to 80 have been involved in some capacity with one of our productions. More than 16,000 ticket holders have seen our performances.

In 2013, the theater became financially independent of the school system, and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We maintain a close and mutually supportive relationship with the Tallmadge Schools.

A scene from the summer 2014 production of The Addams Family

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