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Consider Becoming a Patron

We rely on your support!

It take a lot to put on high-quality performances. Costumes & make-up, lights & sound, plus all of the lumber, paint and other building materials required to build a set. But those are only the things that you can see on stage. There are many other required expenses to keep an organization running, like rent, utilities, storage, insurance, legal fees, production rights, and marketing costs to name but a few.  Becoming a patron is a great way to show your support and keep the arts alive!

How Can I Become a Patron?

Just click here: BECOME A PATRON

For more information:

Contact us at:
Please include your Name, Phone Number, Address and Message/Patron Level you wish to purchase.

Send a personal message to the cast or crew of our current production.

  • $5

Gold Level Patron

  • $50

  • Name in program

  • 2 complimentary ticket per season 

Bronze Level Patron

  • $10

  • Name in program

Platinum Level Patron

  • $100

  • Name in program

  • 3 complimentary ticket per season 

Silver Level Patron

  • $25

  • Name in program

  • 1 complimentary ticket per season 

Diamond Level Patron

  • $200

  • Name in program

  • 4 complimentary ticket per season 

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