You don't have to be an actor to be involved with Dynamics!

There are plenty of ways that you can get involved with Dynamics, like volunteering to help behind the scenes at one of our productions.There is always room for another set of helping hands, whether it be working on set design, costumes, makeup, sound & lighting, concessions or other areas.

Come be part of the cast!

What if you would still like to help, but don't have enough free time in your schedule to be hands-on? We would love to have you as a patron! By donating to Dynamics, you can help our theater, and you will get tickets to upcoming shows.

Do you have a local business? It's a win-win to advertise in our programs!

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Co-Directors Ryan M. Dyke and Cody Stanley work with their actors in "The Trials of Robin Hood" (2017)
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