Hey, AUDIENCE - You're Important!

You're sitting in your seat. The house (where the audience sits) lights fade to a blackout. You're eager with excitement in anticipation of the show. Then just as the curtain is about to open, like being slapped in the eye with a bright blue sunbeam, the light from several rows away shines through the hands of another audience member breaking the magic of the theatrical moment. We've all been there, perhaps we were even the perpetrator? Just one more tweet. One more text. One more post. One more selfie. One more.... When did technology take over our lives and invade our reality? Now that's a whole different topic, for a different time. Going to see live theater is a special experience, one t

5 Reasons To Do Theater For The First Time

After having been a part of over a dozen shows in just ten years, I’ve found no hobby more fulfilling than theater. I’ve seen people join the theater world for the first time and never leave. And I’ve seen myself and others grow as people as they grow as actors. If you’ve never tried theater, here are five reasons you should get involved. 1. It shoves you out of your bubble Need a boost of confidence? Theater is just the thing for you. The first time I went on stage, I was very reserved and timid. However, after you embrace the idea of becoming a character, you become more confident. And that confidence follows you off stage as well. 2. It improves your social life I’ve met so many new frien

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