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5 Reasons To Do Theater For The First Time

After having been a part of over a dozen shows in just ten years, I’ve found no hobby more fulfilling than theater. I’ve seen people join the theater world for the first time and never leave. And I’ve seen myself and others grow as people as they grow as actors. If you’ve never tried theater, here are five reasons you should get involved.

1. It shoves you out of your bubble

Need a boost of confidence? Theater is just the thing for you. The first time I went on stage, I was very reserved and timid. However, after you embrace the idea of becoming a character, you become more confident. And that confidence follows you off stage as well.

2. It improves your social life

I’ve met so many new friends just from joining the theater world. And it’s truly diverse cast of characters I’ve met. I’ve made some lifelong friends and they are who bring me back to auditions every time. Plus, knowing you’ll meet new faces helps motivate you to audition over and over again with different companies.

3. It gives you something to do

Sure. You could spend all your weeknights adding things to your Netflix list and trying to convince your cat to like you, but that’ll lead nowhere. I rejoined theater at a time when I was working two jobs and thought I was too busy. It wasn’t until after my first show that I realized all the extra time I have. Even if you’d rather have nights off, give theater a try. You may find that your time is well spent.

4. It helps you see new perspectives

Becoming a character makes you see the world through their eyes. Depending on the story of the character, it may be a completely different perspective from your own. Acting, like many creative endeavors, helps increase your empathy for others.

5. You may be the exact person a theater is looking for

Theater groups are always looking for new faces. If you feel like you’re the kind of person who would never be caught dead on stage, you’re probably just the person they’re looking for. Just give it a try. Maybe you’ll find a new hobby you love!

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