NEWSFLASH: Without an Ensemble the Show Would Be B-O-R-I-N-G

“I’m so excited!!!” your friend shouts after being cast in a leading role and then glances at you, “Did you make it?” “I did!” you nonchalantly reply. You know the next question and quickly scan the ‘witty reply’ files in your brain to avoid the encroaching awkwardness, “Sooooo….what part did you get?” Through a cracked smile you dull-wittedly blurt, “Ohhhh, I’m in the ensemble.” Then after an eternal half second of awkward silence... “Well, that will be fun.” And you think to yourself, “Yes. Yes it will!” Is it fun to play a lead role? Sure. But is it fun when you’re ‘only’ in the ensemble? ABSOLUTELY!! Have you ever been to a show and watched the main characters? I mean, ONLY the princi

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