The Audition Process, explained by High School Musical gifs

Auditions. They’re something everyone who wants to act in a school production, a community theatre production, and even a professional production has to deal with. We get it: Going through the audition process can be time consuming and nerve wracking. So here’s the audition process, as explained by High School Musical gifs. The show is announced, and you’re SO EXCITED. When you find out when auditions will be, you immediately sign up or add it to your calendar. You psych yourself up before it’s time to head to the theater for auditions… …and you make sure you leave early so you’re not late! When you arrive at auditions, the nerves hit. But by the time you go through your warm-ups, you start

Too Shy For Theater?

Are you too shy to talk to the waitress at a restaurant, or to call your best friend on the phone, or to tell your math teacher that you want to go to the library? If so, then you probably also think you're too shy for theater. You know what I mean--all the things on stage, memorizing lines, and singing and dancing! Well, I'm willing to bet that you're not! That first sentence is 100% true for me, and I thought that I was too shy for theater. Two years ago, I watched my brother do his first play, and I always wanted to be apart of theater so I did stage crew for that show. I really did like it, but, after a couple of plays, I got pretty bored sitting on the sidelines. But I still felt too sh

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