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How To Be More Involved Than Just Acting

Usually when people think of theater and doing a show in general, they think right to the acting portion of it. But really there is so much more that goes into making a great show happen. Acting is certainly an important part of doing a show but some other factors that not many people think of right away are just as important. There are so many ways to be involved in a theatrical production especially with Dynamics. Here are some of the other ways to be involved.

1. Stage Hands

Do you ever wonder how a scene can change so quickly on stage? This is the work of the stage hands. A

stage hand will usually have important jobs to do backstage including moving set pieces, helping quick changes, opening and closing curtains and cueing many other things to happen. This is an easy way to experience backstage work and get a feel for theater if you are just starting out. During some rehearsals for the show stage hands usually help with set building as well.

2. Set Building

One of the most important jobs within a theater is the set builders and designers. Throughout rehearsal times they will help build the fabulous set for a show. Now don't worry about not being able to build or if you're not the best with tools. We are always looking for people to help paint and make certain pieces that don't require using a drill or a hammer. Set building is a fun way to be involved and use your creative skills to make a great set for a great show.

3. Lights and Sound

If you enjoy working the tech and computers then you would enjoy working a light or sound board. Setting lights to certain colors and programming them to a certain switch is hard work and is often not always thought about. The light crew really helps to create a mood for the show and some scenes. The Sound Technician is in charge of sound effects on a computer and working the microphone board to make sure everything sounds right and no mics are cracking and breaking up. Lights and Sound are very critical for a show, just imagine a show with no light changes and no sound effects! That would be so boring!

4. Costumes and Makeup

Imagine a costume less show, what would that look like? You probably wouldn't be as interested as you could be and might even get bored. Costumes really bring a lot to a show and help with the magical element of theater. Knowing how to sew really does help out in the costume aspect of things but even if you don't know how to sew you are still able of helping put pieces together and pick things out. There are never enough hands. With makeup we often look for people who have experience in cosmetics and can do special effects makeup and character makeup as well. This is definitely a fun way to get more experience in cosmetics if you may be searching for a professional job.

5. Other

These jobs listed above are just some of the many opportunities that you can experience when working with Dynamics. Some of the other jobs you can do as well include Ushering, Ticket sales, Concessions, and watching the children in the cast when they are not on stage.

As you can see you don't have to be a star on stage to get involved! There are many volunteer opportunities behind the scenes to get involved with. We are always looking for many helping hands to make our shows the best they can be.

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